A female singer from Wenzhou Zhejiang was awarded the "Lifetime Achievement Award" in Italy

中国网浪潮资讯 近日,中国温州籍女歌唱家叶璐在意大利被授予“终身成就奖”。该奖表彰她为加强意大利在国际文化社会经济上的专业形象做出的努力和贡献。

CNCAO NEWS Recently, the Chinese female singer Ye Lu, who come from Wenzhou was awarded the "Lifetime Achievement Award" in Italy.The award recognizes her efforts and contributions to strengthen Italy's professional image in the international cultural, social and economy.


叶璐曾在意大利和加拿大学习声乐技巧和表演艺术,是无伴奏合唱团“I Cantori di Perugia”独唱及领唱演员,并多次获得殊荣。

Ye Lu studied vocal skills and performing arts in Italy and Canada, she is a soloist and lead singer artist of Unaccompanied Choir "I Cantori di Perugia", and won several awards.



In 2013,Ye Lu sang at the Italian Christmas Party as the first Chinese singer. In 2014, she became the first Chinese to sing the national anthem before the National ice team in Canadian hockey history.In 2016, Ye Lu became the ambassador of the World of Chinese product of "the Belt and Road" in China.


At the award ceremony, Ye Lu said she would make more efforts for cultural exchanges between Italy and China.

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编辑:邱玉洁 安静